2018 Connecticut Legal Conference

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Registration Deadline: Friday, June 8, 2018

Event Description

Dwight Merriam and Jim Nault are among the speakers presenting during the 2018 Connecticut Legal Conference, the largest annual gathering of legal professionals in the state.

Mr. Merriam is a presenter for the CLE seminar on "AirBnB Law: The Implications of Short-Term Rentals for Property Owners and Municipalities," which will address how property owners, developers, land use and real estate attorneys, and municipalities should address existing regulations pertaining to short term rentals. Attendees will learn about what municipalities across the country are doing to deal with issues that arise for municipalities from the ever expanding short term rental market. Visit the seminar webpage for more information.

Mr. Nault is a presenter for the CLE seminar on "Everything You Wanted to Know about Trade Secrets but Were Afraid to Ask," which will cover nuts and bolts of the law and practice of trade secret law, including Connecticut law and the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. The program will also cover how trade secret law impacts other practice areas, including employment, civil procedure, bankruptcy, and commercial law as well as the new federal law of trade secrets created by the DTSA. Visit the seminar webpage for more information.


Dwight H. Merriam

Robinson+Cole, Partner

James R. Nault

Robinson+Cole, Associate


Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT 06103