Webinar: A Community Conversation - Identifying and Addressing the Challenges from Overworked or Traumatized Workers

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Event Description

Robinson+Cole's Matt Miklave will co-present the R+C hosted webinar, "A Community Conversation:  Identifying and Addressing the Challenges from Overworked or Traumatized Workers."

Until recently, government “Stay-at-Home” Orders forced most businesses to close and workers to work remotely. During this same time, workers defined as “essential” continued to show up and work under challenging conditions. Six months into the Pandemic, some organizations are seeing a rise in workplace behaviors and issues typical of the stress and trauma experienced by both essential and other workers. While some organizations have robust mechanisms to help deal with the effects of workplace stress (police, fire and other first responders address these issues on a regular basis), many other organizations might not have that experience.

In this 90-minute, interactive Town Hall setting, participants will hear from three professionals trained in addressing workplace trauma and stress. Participants will be able to ask these experts questions to help their organizations deal with the challenges created by workplace strife and to share their experiences and ideas for helping us all rise to the challenge.

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Matthew T. Miklave

Robinson+Cole, Partner




10/15/2020 12:30 PM


10/15/2020 2:00 PM