HarrisMartin Talcum Powder Conference

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Event Description

Natalie Ramsey, Michael Enright and Mark Fink will present on the Imerys Talc America Inc. bankruptcy cases at the HarrisMartin Talcum Powder Litigation Conference in Miami Beach, Florida on January 9, 2020. Natalie, Michael and Mark represent the Official Committee of Tort Claimants (the Committee) in the cases. The conference, intended primarily for members of the plaintiff’s bar but also for talc defendants, insurers, and others (as well as their counsel), will focus on developments in the Imerys bankruptcy case generally and their representation of the Committee specifically.


Mark A. Fink

Robinson+Cole, Partner

Natalie D. Ramsey

Robinson+Cole, Partner

Michael R. Enright

Robinson+Cole, Partner


Miami Beach, Florida


01/09/2020 7:30 AM


01/09/2020 6:30 PM