International Space Trade Summit

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Event Description

Robinson+Cole is a sponsor of the International Space Trade Summit in Hartford, CT on May 19-21, 2019, presented by the U.S. Dept of Commerce for aerospace and defense, advanced manufacturing and IT companies from the "5 Eyes" alliance countries - U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. The Summit will bring the participating countries' advanced manufacturing, high-tech supply chain, and IT companies into the global space sector. Current and future capabilities required to be in the sector, as well as available opportunities will be discussed, and firms will gain a better understanding of the space sector in the 5 Eyes countries. Jeff White, Ed Heath and Kevin Daly will speak at the Summit. For more information and to register, click HERE


Hartford Marriott Downtown, 200 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, CT 06103


05/19/2019 5:30 PM


05/21/2019 12:00 PM