The 2019 NABL Workshop

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Event Description

Robinson+Cole Business Transactions Group lawyer Keisha Palmer will chair the Private Activity Bond Tests panel, which will review some of the basic principles of the private activity bond tests as well as address less straightforward applications of the rule, including:

- identification and allocation of private business use, especially as affected by the mixed-use project Regulations;

- management contract guidelines; and

- modifications to the remedial action Regulations.

The panelists and the audience will have the opportunity to discuss potential private activity issues during the discussion of some hypotheticals addressing both pre- and post-issuance events. Audience familiarity with the private activity bond tests is expected.

As legislative and regulatory actions continue to impact the municipal bond market, the Workshop will offer information on timely topics and new approaches to the changing bond market. The 31 panel sessions offered over the course of two days will cover the current state of the municipal markets and sessions that will cover many areas of the public finance practice, current trends and developments in tax and securities law, including what has changed and what is proposed, and best practices for dealing with legal liability and strategies to reduce and eliminate risk.

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Keisha S. Palmer

Robinson+Cole, Partner


The Fairmont Chicago, 200 N. Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60601


09/11/2019 8:00 AM


09/13/2019 5:30 PM