Webinar: Cybersecurity Risks + Tips for Higher Education Institutions

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Registration Deadline: Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Event Description

Robinson+Cole's Deb George and Kathryn Rattigan will co-present the R+C-hosted webinar, "Cybersecurity Risks + Tips for Higher Education Institutions" alongside Thomas Flynn, Esq., General Counsel and Vice President at Stonehill College.

Ever-evolving cybersecurity attacks pose a constant threat to higher education institutions. Those institutions possess massive amounts of data, including personal information about students, faculty, staff, and donors, making them tempting targets for hackers and other digital criminals. The cyber-attack risk increases with the emphasis on openness and collegiality that colleges and universities cultivate, challenging them to develop and enforce effective methods to protect vital data.

This session will discuss some real-life examples of the privacy and cybersecurity risks and challenges faced by higher education institutions, in particular, during the global pandemic, when everyone has been forced to go online to conduct almost all aspects of the organization.

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Deborah A. George

Robinson+Cole, Counsel

Kathryn M. Rattigan

Robinson+Cole, Counsel




03/24/2021 12:00 PM


03/24/2021 1:00 PM