Webinar: Distressed Company Investing in the COVID-19 Environment.

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Event Description

Robinson+Cole's Patrick Birney, Jamie Edmonson, and Leslie Levinson will be panelists for the webinar, "Distressed Company Investing in the COVID-19 Environment." Investing in distressed entities or their debt or equity can represent attractive opportunities, but not without certain unique challenges, particularly in the post-COVID-19 era. Often these transactions occur out of court as that can be less costly and time consuming than traditional bankruptcy or other in-court processes. Our panel will review various ways to acquire a distressed company and the unique issues to consider in such transactions. Patrick M. Birney, Jamie L. Edmonson, and Leslie J. Levinson of Robinson+Cole will serve as panelists along with Lorie Beers of Cowen for this co-hosted webinar. 

Key issues to be addressed by the panel include:

  • sourcing and identifying distressed-company opportunities in the COVID-19 environment;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring distressed debt, assets or companies pre-bankruptcy;
  • what are the key constituencies in a distressed debt/company situation and how best to address their concerns?;
  • special due diligence issues;
  • how does an out-of-court transaction compare to a Section 363 sale?

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Patrick M. Birney

Robinson+Cole, Partner

Leslie J. Levinson

Robinson+Cole, Partner

Jamie L. Edmonson

Robinson+Cole, Partner




05/12/2020 1:00 PM