Webinar - Lessons Learned from the Penn State Scandal

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Event Description

Earlier this year, three former Penn State administrators, including its former president, were given jail sentences for their part in covering up an allegation that Jerry Sandusky sexually abused a student on campus. In 2001, a graduate assistant football coach reported that Sandusky appeared to be sexually abusing a boy in a team shower. All three administrators were aware of the report, but they did not notify police or the state child welfare agency. These convictions have made clear that colleges and universities need to investigate serious allegations and comply with state-mandated reporting laws.

Please join us for a lunchtime webinar, presented by Edward Heath and Kate Dion, that will review the obligations of employees at Connecticut colleges and universities to report suspected child abuse or neglect, including the following:

  • what is child abuse/neglect
  • who are mandatory reporters
  • what is the standard for reporting child abuse and neglect 
  • how and when do you report

The presenters will also examine other lessons that can be learned from this scandal, including those from Penn State’s failure to have sufficient policies and procedures in place to address this conduct and failure to adequately investigate the 2001 allegation.



Kathleen E. Dion

Robinson+Cole, Counsel

Edward J. Heath

Robinson+Cole, Partner




10/17/2017 12:00 PM