Robinson+Cole represents numerous clients engaged in the business of providing passenger and cargo transportation, scenic and sightseeing transportation, or support activities related to the different types of transportation. Clients in this industry may use transportation equipment or transportation-related facilities as a productive asset. The type of equipment depends on the mode of transportation, which includes air, rail, water, and road.

In addition to engaging in the transportation business, clients may provide more specialized services, such as passenger transportation for scenic and sightseeing purposes, postal services, or courier services while others provide support activities for transportation. One such support activity involves the routine repair and maintenance of transportation equipment (for example, aircraft at an airport, railroad rolling stock at a railroad terminal, or ships at a harbor or port facility). Entities engaged in these activities do not perform complete overhauling or rebuilding of transportation equipment or transportation equipment conversion. Many clients in this industry work on networks, with physical facilities, labor forces, and equipment spread over an extensive geographic area.

The matters for which we provide advice and counseling include the following:

  • bankruptcy
  • construction
  • corporate
  • environmental
  • financial transactions
  • government relations
  • intellectual property
  • labor and employment
  • land use
  • litigation
  • product liability
  • real estate