Probate Litigation


Resolving probate disputes can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. These disputes are often more difficult because of the unique body of law relating to the many legal issues that arise in such disputes as well as the unique procedures often applicable to the probate dispute resolution process. Robinson+Cole's probate litigation lawyers are experienced in the laws of trusts, estates, and fiduciary respresention and efficiently utilize the unique probate procedures to help clients efficiently manage and resolve disputes. Our representation extends to matters in probate courts, state courts, federal courts, and alternative dispute forums. At times we represent the estate or trust fiduciaries and, at other times, the interested heirs, beneficiaries, insurance companies, or other interested parties.

Our Services and Our Team

The matters our lawyers work on include, for example, the following:

  • will contests based on lack of capacity, undue influence/fraud, and/or due execution
  • guardianship and conservatorship appointments, both seeking and defending
  • breach of fiduciary duty claims representing either the claimant or the fiduciary
  • contested accountings
  • construction actions
  • heir determination proceedings
  • claims by or against the fiduciary against third parties alleging damages
  • counsel to nonprofits on beneficial rights in various estates and trusts.

Our probate litigation lawyers not only represent institutions in a fiduciary capacity but also represent beneficiaries, both individuals and institutions. One of our probate litigators, Christopher Hug, has been an active member of the Connecticut Probate Practice Book Advisory Committee and helped draft the Rules of Practice for Connecticut Probate Courts, approved by the Connecticut Supreme Court on November 7, 2012, effective July 1, 2013. He has lectured on the rules and other probate law topics to the Connecticut Bar Association, the probate judiciary, and health care clients. Finally, he is a longtime adjunct professor of law and teaches a class on probate litigation in the LL.M. program at Western New England University School of Law.

Our Team