Effective Leadership Strategies: Inspiring your Team During Good Times and Bad

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Robinson+Cole Managing Parter, Rhonda J. Tobin, is among the leaders in the legal community that will be speaking during the Connecticut Bar Association Presidential Fellows program "Effective Leadership Strategies: Inspiring your Team during Good Times and Bad." Panelists will discuss navigating the many challenges that every organization encounters, such as a significant loss within their organization, addressing conflicts among employees, and managing any generational divides that arise. The panel will also be asked about any proactive planning they recommend for serious risks that every organization has to consider, such as disaster planning, redundancy measures, and the like. And just as importantly, the panel will cover the topic of how they reward success, what incentives they utilize, and what non-monetary rewards can be effective for leaders who may not have direct control over their teams salaries, such as in the public service sector. For more information, click here.


Rhonda J. Tobin

Robinson+Cole, Partner




05/23/2023 5:30 PM


05/23/2023 7:30 PM