Education - Supporting Your International Strategy with a Spotlight on the Higher Education Market and Key Jurisdictions from our Best Friend Firms

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Event Description

Education Industry Team chair Kate Dion and Kathleen Porter will be presenting during the webinar "Education - Supporting your international strategy with a spotlight on the higher education market and key jurisdictions from our best friend firms" hosted by Mills & Reeve. Topics discussed include relevant key developments and issues in the US, opportunities for UK universities in the US, significant factors or restrictions to consider for universities from the UK thinking of operating or collaborating with organizations in the US, how UK universities are perceived in the US, and experience of working with UK universities in the US.

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Kathleen E. Dion

Robinson+Cole, Partner

Kathleen M. Porter

Robinson+Cole, Partner




10/11/2022 2:30 PM


10/11/2022 3:00 PM