Internal + Government Investigations

Robinson+Cole lawyers have extensive experience conducting internal investigations for educational institutions. We understand how to work with administrators, trustees, and other academic leadership to effectively respond to allegations and concerns of misconduct and, if necessary, comply with mandatory reporting obligations. We also assist in the development of policies and procedures in response to deficiencies revealed by the investigation. Our work in this area routinely includes:

  • conducting interviews of key witnesses, employees, and third parties;
  • identifying and securing relevant paper and electronic records;
  • evaluating internal controls, document retention policies, and compliance programs;
  • reporting findings to administrators or Boards of Trustees;
  • preparing internal and public written materials in connection with the investigation;
  • coordinating with third party professionals, such as private investigators, accountants, media relations firms, and other third party professionals;
  • evaluating applicable defenses and mitigating factors;
  • pursuing restitution, either by working with prosecutors and government investigators or through civil litigation; and
  • negotiating settlements of claims.
  • submitting self-disclosures to government agencies to avoid or minimize penalties or intrusive government oversight;
  • negotiating creative and favorable settlements to criminal or civil investigations;
  • preparing employees for government interviews or to testify at in examinations under oath, before a grand jury, or at trial
  • assisting in the compliance with, or opposition to, compelled production in the form of civil investigative demands, summonses, and search warrants