Financial Services Regulatory Matters


The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ushered in an era of regulatory oversight and scrutiny that touches nearly every segment of the nation's financial services industry. Our Financial Services Regulatory Matters Group helps clients navigate the maze of regulatory requirements, stay ahead of business-critical issues, and manage compliance effectively.

Our Services and Our Team

Our team is closely aligned with lawyers in related practices to provide integrated client solutions. For example, we work closely with our Mergers and Acquisitions Team to help clients take advantage of new market opportunities. Our Securities Group assists with securities offerings, securities act filings, proxies and shareholder issues, and exchange and NASDAQ listings. We also leverage the strength and experience of the firm's litigators as needed to represent our clients in SEC and FINRA enforcement investigations as well as before state attorneys general and state regulatory bodies. Members of our Data Privacy + Cybersecurity Team and Regulatory Team have combined their resources to establish a Financial Services Cyber-Compliance Team to assist clients in complying with new regulations designed to counter technology-driven threats to the financial services industry.

The regulatory matters we handle for financial services providers include the following:

  • development and documentation of loan and deposit products
  • permitted investments and activities 
  • branch, "limited branch," and trust office applications 
  • compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations 
  • portfolio review 
  • operational issues such as check clearing, branch closing, lending restrictions, and trust powers
  • product approval 
  • development of NYDFS-compliant cybersecurity policies
  • market conduct investigations and compliance programs 
  • IMSA independent assessor reviews 
  • guaranty fund and insolvency issues 
  • licensing

We regularly deal with issues arising under various federal and state laws, including the following federal Acts:

  • the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  •  the Truth in Lending Act
  • the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
  • the Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
  • the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Our lawyers have a broad background in dealing with state and federal regulators in transactions. We counsel banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, and other financial service providers on numerous regulatory and operating issues and frequently represent them before regulators in connection with  regulatory matters and enforcement actions. We advise clients in connection with federal and state regulations affecting loan origination, loan servicing, licensing, branching, financial privacy, fair lending, and anti-money laundering.

    • Experience
      • Assisted institutions in complying with consumer protection and other laws affecting consumer products and services. Institutions are subject to the numerous laws, which are designed to protect consumers, such as unfair and deceptive acts and practices ("UDAP") acts, "plain language" contract laws, and regulations governing advertising, retail sales promotions, promotional drawings, and raffles.

      • Developed privacy policies and procedures for various financial institutions and Web-based financial service providers.
      • Counseled financial institutions in addressing privacy issues raised by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and various state laws.

      • Assisted individuals and institutions in addressing licensing issues regarding the sale and promotion of insurance products.

      • Assisted institutions in complying with installment loan financing laws applicable to auto mobile loans and other consumer goods and services, and the FTC holder-in-due course and trade practices rules, as well as state and federal regulations relating to timeshares, campground interests, student loans, and other consumer obligations.

      • Represented clients in the audit, acquisition, financing, and sale of residential loan portfolios, timeshare loan portfolios, student loan portfolios, campground unit purchase contracts, automobile leases, and other consumer receivables, including due-diligence reviews of the underlying documents, contracts, and procedures for compliance with federal and state laws.

      • Counseled clients with respect to the Truth-in-Savings Act, deposit account contracts, credit insurance, electronic funds transfers, ACH transfers, garnishments, setoffs, the offering of securities products and life insurance, as well as other matters affecting the rights of consumers in relation to bank deposit accounts and other financial investment products.

      • Assisted clients in complying with state and federal laws applicable to the collection of consumer debts and other consumer obligations, as well as the repossession of the accompanying collateral.

      • Assisted in employment matters, including compliance with federal regulatory requirements.

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    • Publications + Presentations
    • "Modernizing Vendor Risk Management in Financial Services," published in Law360, authored by Richard M. Borden (7/25/2016)
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      "Finance Regulatory Update" (10/1/2015)

      "Financial Institutions and Social Media: Staying Current and Staying Compliant" (01/24/2014)

      "Delaware Bankruptcy Court Limits Credit Bid to Loan Buyer’s Purchase Price" (01/22/2014)

      "Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association's Legislative Update Seminar," presented by Norman H. Roos, moderator (10/24/2012)

      "New Regulations Put a Crimp in Mortgage Industry," published in The Hartford Courant, authored by Norman H. Roos (4/13/2012)

      "The Changing Regulatory Environment," at Housing 2011, the annual conference of the Connecticut Housing Coalition, presented by Norman H. Roos (10/19/2011)

      "Loan Originator Compensation – New Regulation Z Rules," at Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association Meeting at Webster Bank in New Britain, Connecticut, co-presented by Norman H. Roos and Catherine Moreton Gray; attorneys from Bankers Advisory, Inc., and Webster Bank (12/7/2010)

      "Financial Reform Act Expands SEC's Enforcement Powers and Liability for Securities Violations" (08/17/2010)

      "Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act Legal Update" (08/12/2010)

      "NYSE Rule Prohibits Discretionary Broker Voting on Uncontested Director Elections" (04/23/2010)

      "New Federal Guidance for Lenders Supports Workouts over Foreclosures" (12/30/2009)

      "Letters of Credit - How a Seller Can Ensure Payment Even in a Bad Economy" (04/01/2009)

      "2008 Connecticut Laws Enable Homeowners to Obtain Mediation in Foreclosures: Some Basic Information Concerning the Mediation Process," published in Hartford Courant, authored by Norman H. Roos, Real Estate Supplement (12/2008)

      "Business Litigation Group Education Series" (09/19/2008)

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      "Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association's Legislative Update Seminar," presented by Norman H. Roos, moderator (10/26/2011)

      "Ten Things Commercial Lenders Should Know About Regulatory Compliance," co-authored by Norman H. Roos and Travis R. Searles, published in Connecticut Banking magazine (Second Quarter 2012)

      "Pending 2009 Connecticut Legislative Proposals Affecting the Residential Mortgage Lending Industry,," at the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association's Compliance and Legislative Forum in New Britain, Connecticut

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