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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Counseling and Training

A real commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the workplace is imperative for any organization. As changing U.S. demographics, current events, increasingly diverse workforces and applicant pools, and a nonstop news cycle converge to produce significant business risks, businesses would be well-served to ensure that their DEI efforts are timely, agile, thoughtful, and thorough. A failure to do so can have dire short-term and long-term consequences with respect to a business’  reputation, recruitment and retention, and its bottom line. Robinson+Cole’s DEIB Counseling and Training Group supports clients’ efforts to enhance their DEIB profile and to deliver on their strategic goals while minimizing risk to the business. We advise Boards of Directors and senior executives, including CEOs and CHROs, across industries about diversity and culture assessments, diversity action plans, crisis management, DEIB communications, and overall DEIB strategy.

We regularly assist clients with:

  • Customized DEIB training for groups and individuals
  • Development, drafting, and implementation of diversity and culture assessments and action plans, including analysis of discrimination/harassment claim history, complaint processes, and employment policies and procedures
  • Constructing crisis management strategies for DEIB-related matters to minimize disruption and prioritize the business’ short-term and long-term strategic vision
  • Conducting workplace investigations as neutrals regarding various DEIB-related claims, complaints, and allegations from employees, the public, Board members, and others, including those matters submitted anonymously
  • Crafting strategic plans following the outcome of workplace investigations in which a resolution strategy is needed, including how best to collaborate with peers, address employee relations issues, and develop communications for various stakeholders
  • Providing advice on implementing DEIB recruiting initiatives, internal DEIB committees, employee resource groups, employee surveys and related initiatives, and crafting diverse candidate slates for management roles and others
  • Drafting internal and external DEIB communications for various audiences to support strong relationships with various stakeholders
    • Publications + Presentations
    • "Race and Investigations," presented by Britt-Marie K. Cole-Johnson, at the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) Continuing Legal Education 2020 Employment Law Conference. (10/6/2020)
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      "A Discussion on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the AEC Industry," presented by Britt-Marie K. Cole-Johnson, the second in the three-part series, “Addressing Bias and Equity in the AEC Industry,” focused on bias, racism and inequality in the inter-connected architecture, engineering and construction industries. (8/19/2020)
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      "Diversity and Inclusion at Work: A Practical and Compliance-Focused View," presented by Britt-Marie K. Cole-Johnson, sponsored by the Diversity Law Committee of the Fairfield County Bar Association. (7/13/2020)
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