Companies depend on e-mail and instant messaging systems, server-based voicemail, word processing software, and electronic storage of sensitive files, such as health records, claims data, competitive business information, and intellectual property.

We understand that the sheer volume of electronically stored information has made critical the ability to successfully navigate e-discovery in any litigation matter or regulatory investigation. At the same time, the cost associated with maintaining, collecting, reviewing, and producing electronic evidence is a significant litigation-related expense for companies. We work creatively to devise strategies to meet the technical concerns presented by e-discovery while keeping our eyes on the big picture and the budget.

While some courts are starting to apply proportionality standards to e-discovery demands, they still demonstrate a willingness to award sanctions against noncompliant parties. Thus, a proactive, cost-efficient, defensible e-discovery strategy is critical.

Our Services

Our e-discovery practice is designed to manage the risks and costs associated with the vast majority of business information being created and stored electronically. 

Litigation Readiness Counseling

Our e-discovery lawyers frequently assist clients in developing litigation readiness plans. We work with our clients to develop data retention and destruction policies, social media policies, and bring-your-device policies designed to manage the creation and storage of data. We also advise on storage systems designed to create retrieval efficiencies, as well as to advance collection, review, and production protocols, for a coordinated, efficient response when the time comes. We often provide strategic counseling in the prelitigation context and routinely work with in-house counsel, information technology, and records management personnel to formulate realistic document retention and preservation plans tailored to an organization's specific needs.

Technology-Assisted Review

Today, numerous tools and technologies are often able to collect, process, and even review data more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately than human reviewers. Our e-discovery lawyers and litigation support specialists stay abreast of the evolving legal technology and can leverage this expertise to craft less expensive, more defensible document review strategies.

Snapshot Review

We can assess the nature and scope of electronically stored information without doing a full-scale review or collection. Our clients find this is a useful tool for prelitigation assessments, early case assessments, or internal investigations.

Our Team

Robinson+Cole's E-Discovery and Information Governance Team, composed of trial lawyers equipped with technological know-how and skilled litigation support specialists, is well positioned to assist its clients with e-discovery needs and information governance issues, whether responding to a subpoena or developing data storage protocols.

Members of our group have the training and experience to guide our clients through the ever-changing landscape of e-discovery and information management, both prior to and during litigation or a government investigation. Robinson+Cole uses the latest technology to achieve maximum efficiency and compliance for our clients. We also maintain an extensive network of relationships with vendors and providers to tailor our approach to best suit the needs of each client in each circumstance. 

    • Experience
      • Represented managed care organizations in negotiating and complying with a civil investigative demand (CID) and subpoena issued by the Federal Trade Commission in connection with an antitrust investigation of the merger of two major in-network hospitals.
      • Using Catalyst, worked with a client's preferred e-discovery vendor to collect and review materials for production in connection with a putative class action alleging antitrust violations, fraud, and unfair trade practices.

      • In conjunction with a patent action being litigated concurrently in several jurisdictions, conducted review of several terabytes of data on behalf of Fortune 500 client.

      • Collected, reviewed, and produced over two million pages of documents, consisting primarily of e-mails from over 35 custodians, as part of the defense of an insurer in a class action alleging unfair business practices related to payment of claims.

      • In conjunction with a vexatious litigation action against an international developer, collected, reviewed, and produced ESI and paper materials related to 12 underlying lawsuits. Additionally, utilized Concordance to organize and conduct review and analysis of electronic data received from other parties for use in over 30 depositions.
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      • March 31, 2016

        Amanda Gordon Writes ESI Article for ABA's Business Torts & Unfair CompetitionJournal

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        Robinson+Cole Lawyers Recognized in JD Supra’s 2016 Readers Choice Awards

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        Dana Horton Presents on E-Discovery at RIBA Annual Meeting

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      • December 4, 2014

        Robinson+Cole Elects New Partners and Counsel

    • Publications + Presentations
    • "The E-Usual Course of Business: ESI Application to Rule 34 Requirements,," published in Business Torts & Unfair Competition, authored by Amanda Gordon Schreiber, a publication of the American Bar Association (Spring 2016)
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      "Tips for Organizing ESI per the Document Request," published in Business Torts & Unfair Competition, authored by Amanda Gordon Schreiber (Winter 2016)
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      "What Will 2016 Bring to E-Discovery?" published in Law360, authored by Andrea Donovan Napp (1/29/2016)
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      "PII in Your ESI? Oh My! Preventing Data Breaches in E-Discovery," co-presented by Andrea Donovan Napp and Diane Quick, Navigant Consulting, Inc., New York, New York, a roundtable discussion at the ABA's Women of the Section of Litigation Conference in Chicago (11/13/2015)
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      "Admissibility of ESI: How to Turn 'Hot Docs' into Successful Verdicts," published in ABA Business Torts Litigation Newsletter, authored by Andrea Donovan Napp (Spring 2013)
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