Title IX Services for Colleges and Universities

Robinson+Cole has deep experience assisting colleges and universities to promote compliance with Title IX regulations and ensuring that every party is afforded a fundamentally fair adjudicatory process. Our attorneys have extensive training and experience in trauma-informed advocacy and effective cross-examination—skills honed in the courtroom, but employed with the understanding that Title IX hearings require special sensitivity. We are guided by the principle that complainants and respondents should equally have their voices heard and be well-advised throughout what can be very stressful events in their lives.

Administrators (ATIXA) or the Association of Workplace Investigators. Through our significant experience conducting a variety of corporate internal, workplace, and sexual harassment investigations, we adeptly navigate the challenges of speaking with individuals who have experienced trauma, reluctant witnesses, and hostile parties and their counsel.

We also serve as neutral hearing officers or decision-makers in live hearings mandated by the Title IX regulations. Where school policies permit, we work with parties and their advisors to identify evidentiary issues that may be resolved in advance of hearings.  We rely on our training and experience to make evidentiary and relevance decisions during live hearings, contemporaneously document the substance and rationale for those decisions, and assist in drafting written decisions that are consistent with school policies and federal and state law.